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White Louisiana Instructor Known as Out for ‘Completely Disgusting’ Racist Feedback

A white teacher within Louisiana’s Lafayette Parish School district is under investigation for a Facebook post where she used the N-word, KLFY reports.

In a post on the “Whatz Goin On in Acadiana” Facebook group, Ossun Elementary educator Julie Colley expressed her disappointment with a back-to-school giveaway being held in “n***erville.”

“Im (sic) not going at 6:30,” Colley wrote. “Cameron St? [That’s] n***erville after dark.”

Others in the group were quick to call out Colley for her blatant racism on the social network.

“This is absolutely disgusting. I hope she gets fired,” one person said in response, as noted by Raw Story.

“She is a public servant. I’m actually astounded at her blatant racism,” added someone else. “I’m so thankful my child doesn’t go to the school she works at but I feel so sorry for the youth that have to be exposed to her.”

After catching wind of the backlash over Colley’s racist remark, Lafayette Parish School System Public Information Officer Allison Dickerson announced that an investigation had been launched.

“LPSS is aware of this situation and is conducting a thorough investigation into the matter,” Dickerson said. “Because this is a personnel issue, no further information will be shared.”

NAACP Vice President Marja Broussard released a statement demanding diversity training for all teachers within the school district.

“We are appalled and hurt, but sadly not surprised to learn someone entrusted to guide and nurture our children, so easily shared such hatred for Black and Brown people, in a public forum,” the statement read in part.

“The NAACP Louisiana State Conference, along with our district leaders and members, are calling on the Lafayette Parish School Board and Superintendent Irma Trosclair to institute racial and cultural diversity trainings for all staff immediately.”

They also asked for Colley to be removed “from any ability to further traumatize students, especially Black and Brown, Indigenous, and immigrants or from any ability to continue to teach this mentality to innocent students trusted in her care.”



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