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TV with Thinus: From 2022 Disney will take you to house for a vacation journey for simply R86 869 for two days

by Thinus Ferreira

It’s not just Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos who are tripping in space – you can now get your chance as well with Disney that will give you an out-of-this-world space adventure holiday from 2022 aboard the Halcyon starcruiser for just R87 000.

The Walt Disney Company finally released the astronomical pricing for its Star Wars: Galactic StarCruiser “holiday-adventure” that will open in 2022 as a hotel-cruise ship experience but on land with eye-popping prices that surpasses even expensive real cruise ships on water pricing.

Together with a new trailer, Walt Disney announced some of the cabins and new details around Star Wars: Galactic StarCruiser that will open in the middle of next year and in which individuals, friends or families can book for a two-day immersive experience at the “spaceship” at Walt DisneyWorld Resort in Florida in America.

Aboard the Halcyon, a starcruiser operated by the Chandrila Star Line, you will check-in and experience a jam-packed two-day adventure where you will “build” your own story and its outcome depending on the choices you make.

On day two, guests will take a shuttle down to Batuu, the planet that is the setting for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World, do the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run rides, and return to the “ship”.

Aboard, with your own Star Wars outfit (anything from Jedi garb to Coruscant refinery), characters and staff will behave around you as if you’re really in the Star Wars universe playing out a developing and immersive role-playing adventure in-between learning how to play Sabacc, bridge training, droid racing competitions, eating and drinking exotic galactic foods and cocktails and having fun in the sublight lounge.

During the voyage, travellers will meet new and familiar Star Wars characters and interact with them, some of whom will ask to join them on daring missions.

As daring is the astronomical pricing. The Halcyon will have small standard cabins (sleeps 4 to 5), galaxy class suites (sleeps 4) and grand captain suites (sleeps 8) but Disney has only released pricing for the standard cabins so far.

Star Wars fans will have to cough up from (R17 556 ($1209) per individual per night for a cabin or R69 833 ($4809) for the voyage if 2 people per cabin, all the way up to R86 869 ($5999) for a cabin of 4 people. The first voyage is expected to leave 20 August 2022.




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