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Farrah Abraham Slammed For Rocking Skimpy Apparel In Pics With Daughter

Farrah Abraham is one of the most notorious reality stars of all time, and her reputation for bonkers behavior has only grown in the years since she was fired from Teen Mom OG,

And in all likelihood, that’s part of her plan.

Farrah has launched several businesses in the years since she was kicked to the curb by MTV, and they’ve all gone bust.

These days, it appears that she’s given up on on making money through more conventional means — actual employment, etc. — and plans to continue earning a living as an influencer.

(There are those who also believe that Farrah is a globe-trotting prostitute in addition to an Instagram personality, but that’s a conversation for another time.)

Anyway, love her or hate — just kidding, who actually loves Farrah? — the woman has a remarkable ability for capturing and maintaining the attention of Instagram users.

They might only be there so they can bash her in the comments, but Farrah has 2.8 million followers, and at the end of the day, clout is clout.

Of course, idiotic political takes and bad plastic surgery are pretty much everywhere on the internet, so Farrah had to get creative in order to hold on to all those rage-followers.

And unfortunately, that means she’s getting her 12-year-old daughter Sophia in on the act.

The good news is, Farrah is no longer ditching Sophia and leaving the girl to fend for herself while Mom enjoys an international vacation.

The very bad news is that Farrah has been exploiting Sophia by and harvesting internet rage and involving her in all sorts of inappropriate situations.

It’s as unconscionable and disgusting as it sounds, but it helps Farrah get the clicks and follows she needs to keep her head above water.

Speaking of water, the latest outrage from the Farrah-verse involves a very adult yacht party and a whole lot of underboob:

And of course, Sophia was there to witness it all.

“Yeah, like me and SoSo, we got the captain,” Farrah told her Instagram Live audience while partying on a boat in a barely-there bikini.

“This marina is the best. Cheers to getting done with Harvard stuff, doing law stuff and just trying to take a break.”

Yes, Farrah is still pretending she has a degree from Harvard, and it seems that she’ll be sticking with that lie for the foreseeable future.

She’s also pretending that she actual enrolls Sophia in school instead of keeping the girl by her side as her 24/7 travel companion/party pal.

“Schools about to start, moms, what a summer. Cheers!” Farrah said in the video as she hoisted her glass.

Needless to say, the Farrah-haters were out in full force in the comments.

“Farrah puts Sophia in another inappropriate situation,” one user wrote.

“This poor child, I am sick thinking about her life and future,” another added.

Unfortunately, criticism from her followers won’t be enough to stop Farrah from continuing to exploit her daughter.

In fact, it may encourage her.

So yeah, Farrah has gone from being one of the most infamous people on MTV to one of the most infamous on Instagram — and she still has a massive audience.



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